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Royals Personal Paper Shredders are a cut above the rest. Designed for style, function, and performance, our shredders fit any home or small office setting and are engineered to meet todays security challenges.

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100X - Cross Cut Shredder (10 sheet)
112MX - Cross Cut Shredder (12 sheet)
1200X Cross-Cut Paper Shredder (12 sheet)
120X - Cross Cut Shredder (12 sheet)
1216X Cross-Cut Paper Shredder (12 sheet)
1620MX - Refurbished Cross Cut Shredder (16 sheet)
1630MC Shredder
1830MX Shredder
1840MX Shredder
ASF200 Auto Feed Micro-Cut Shredder
ASF80 Micro-Cut Paper Shredder
CX6 - Cross Cut Shredder (6 sheet)
HD1400MX Cross-Cut Shredder (14 sheet)
JS55 - Strip Cut Shredder with Bin (6 Sheet)
MC14MX Micro-Cut Shredder (14 sheet)
MC8 Micro-Cut Shredder (8 sheet)
PX1201 Cross-Cut Paper Shredder (12 sheet)
RL18 Cross-Cut Paper Shredder (18 sheet)

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